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DURHAM® Ornamental 7.5


A molluscicide labeled specifically for use in ornamentals, some small fruits and berries, citrus and some vegetables, DURHAM® Ornamental 7.5™ delivers excellent and long-residual control of slugs and snails. It zeros in on slugs and snails without harm to beneficial earthworms, scavenger beetles and other non-target organisms in the environment. DURHAM Ornamental also features sand core granules coated with metaldehyde to ensure long-lasting residual effects, as well as provide excellent coverage on smooth surface applications. With a 7.5 surface concentration, DURHAM Ornamental 7.5 has quicker action and lower number of particles per square foot.

Registration# 5481-584


Safety Data Sheets and Labels

Applicable Registrations
Registered in all 50 U.S. states plus D.C. and Puerto Rico
Disclaimer: Please consult AMVAC Customer Service or your state regulatory officials for the most current label registration information.
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