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“Rural America Live” on RFD-TV Showcases AMVAC Solutions for U.S. Corn Growers
On January 13, 2014, three AMVAC Midwest Team Members appeared on “Rural America Live” on RFD-TV.  Joe Short, Marketing Manager; Rich Porter, Product Development Manager; and Paul Van Zee, Application Equipment Representative discussed the important issues faced by today’s corn growers, including corn rootworm resistance and weed resistance. During the live, 60-minute broadcast, they also deftly answered calls from around the U.S. ranging from conservation of water resources and beneficial insects to a Counter 20G success story from an enthusiastic Wisconsin grower.
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AMVAC’s SmartBlock® Helps Quality of Storage Potatoes 
With not yet a full season under their belts, applicators are continuing to learn about the nuances of a new chemical that literally burns the eyes off of sprouted storage potatoes.
By: Vicky Boyd

Rootworm resistance to Bt confirmed in Illinois

Illinois Agrinews reports confirmation of Western corn rootworm resistance to Bt corn in Illinois. The University of Illinois results parallel similar results published by Iowa State University in 2011.
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Severe Corn Rootworm Injury to Bt Hybrids in First-Year Corn Confirmed
University of Illinois’ Dr. Michael Gray confirms significant western corn rootworm larval injury in first-year cornfields planted with Bt rootworm hybrids expressing the Cry3Bb1 protein.
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Corn growers facing larger and more difficult to control rootworm populations are increasingly turning to AMVAC’s suite of corn soil insecticides to improve yield and harvest efficiency
By Rod Swoboda

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Our Special Interest
Soil Insecticide Use on Bt Corn Expected to Increase the Spring Across Much of Illinois
Mid-America Farmer Grower Issue 14, April 5, 2013
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