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May 11, 2016

AMVAC Ups the Ante with New Precision Ag Technology

Get an exclusive first look at its sophisticated delivery system, SIMPAS, coming in 2018
By: Jackie Pucci, Senior Editor, AgriBusiness Global

AMVAC’s breakthrough SIMPAS Precision Application Technology was featured in the May 2016 issue of AgriBusiness Global. Eric Wintemute and Bob Trogele discussed AMVAC’s “potentially industry-changing at-plant soil treatment system, coming soon to large growers in the U.S. and internationally.”
SIMPAS builds upon our SmartBox® platform, with more sophisticated metering and software that allows a grower to precisely apply up to 8 products at the time of planting, such as insecticide along with fungicide, herbicide, biological and/or micronutrient.

Eric stated, “What makes SIMPAS truly unique is its ability through software and metering to apply up to eight different types of product simultaneously and at not only a variable rate over the field, but at a very low margin of error (+/- 1%).  It works on a broad variety of crops and allows farmers to spot-treat precisely… It’s going to change our company for sure. It may change in some ways how the industry operates. Ultimately what it’s going to do is offer a better production system for the grower.”  SIMPAS is set to roll out in U.S. markets by 2018 with launches around the globe to follow.
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